Fresh Produce Grown in North Monterey County

Organic spring lettuce mix,  rainbow of colors and a feast for the mind, body, and soul!

Hidden Fortress Micro Farm Crops

Our main "crop" is our eggs from our flock of organically fed and pasture raised chickens. We also grow a few things that do well on our small farm. We are tucked away in a little valley with huge oak trees providing partial shade. Some crops like baby lettuce and potatoes do well here, but we are not yet equipped to do this on a large scale. Currently our only commercial crops are our pasture raised eggs. Occasionally we have kitchen herbs like oregano and sage, and our fruit trees are beginning to produce small harvests. Each year as our farm becomes more established our soil tilth gradually improves, helped along with plenty of good chicken manure compost. We hope to offer more crops as the years go by and our farmland becomes more productive. Visit our Local Delivery Order Page to see what produce is currently available.

Our chicken eggs are what got us started in the farming business to begin with! We love our chickens who provide us with constant amusement and a steady supply of the best eggs we had ever tasted until our girls started laying! Find out more about our eggs and other home produced goodies here.

Making a living in the farming business is no easy task, and just like most families in California we have a hefty mortgage and high utility costs, making our overhead quite the monthly hurdle to overcome. Because of Amelia's experience as a home coffee roaster for over a dozen years we decided to make fresh on-farm roasted coffee a regular offering. Find out more about the coffee we roast and our great coffee selection.

Last but not least, in our spare time we make mini chicken coops and planter boxes from reclaimed wooden shipping crates. These chicken coops & garden boxes are a great way to dabble in a bit of micro farming in your own back yard!